Matzah toffee was always my favorite part of the Jewish holidays in my house. This dessert is primarily eaten during Passover but I would politely force my mother to make it for all of the holidays, even the non-Jewish ones. Though there are many matzah toffee recipes online, my family's recipe has been passed down for generations and is what I grew up with.

Matzah toffee is a layer of matzah (a cracker-like Jewish food), sweet toffee, and a layer of chocolate and nuts. It's kind of like a kit-kat but higher quality with toffee and more chocolate. It's broken down into pieces and can be eaten at room temperature or frozen. I normally keep bags of it in my freezer for snacking and it can even be used as an ice cream topping!

Having brought my family's matzah toffee to multiple events and social gatherings, I realized not only was it all gone within an hour or so but it also wasn't being sold anywhere. With friends asking me constantly for more matzah toffee, I realized I wanted to fill this gap and provide matzah toffee to the masses. Mahtzee was born!

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